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7 Ways to Fix Unable to Remove Printer on Windows 11

Like you eliminate old cache and data, it's really smart to eliminate old printers interface with your Windows computer. Whether you never again use it or it is not generally upheld, disposing of its connection from your computer will assist with abstaining from any printing-related hardships. On occasion, Windows 11 might neglect to straightforwardly eliminate a printer.. At the point when you experience issues while eliminating old printers from your Windows 11 computer, this guide has troubleshooting tips that will help. Thus, we should look at it. 1. CLEAR PRINT QUEUE In the event that your printer has incomplete print occupations, Windows might neglect to alter or eliminate it. Subsequently, you'll have to clear the print queue prior to attempting once more. Stage 1: Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings application. In the Bluetooth and devices tab, click on Printers and scanners. Stage 2: Select the printer you need to eliminate. Stage 3: Click on Open print que

8 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Automatically

Windows 11 automatically associates with the saved Wi-Fi networks at whatever point your computer is in its range. That implies you will not need to physically interface with your Wi-Fi network each time start your computer. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that your PC or work area doesn't interface with the natural Wi-Fi organization, it's a decent opportunity that something is off-base. Fortunately, you can fix this unsavory way of behaving rather without any problem. The following are some powerful investigating tips that you can utilize when Windows 11 isn't associating with Wi-Fi automatically. 1. Flip THE CONNECT TO WI-FI AUTOMATICALLY OPTION As a matter of course, Windows 11 based workstations continue to attempt to search for a superior Wi-Fi to interface. In any case, assuming you've crippled that choice, the computer might battle or won't associate with a Wi-Fi network in any event, when you're in the range. This is the way to fix it. Stage 1: Click

8 Ways to Fix Hyperlink Not Working in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams permits clients to make hyperlinks for files, meetings, and messages. You can open the more menu (addressed by three specks) and select the duplicate link. At times the Teams get stuck making another link, or the common hyperlink doesn't work. On the off chance that you are confronting such issues, here are the ways of fixing hyperlinks not working in Microsoft Teams. You can likewise make a link to explore to a particular channel and offer by means of texting apps. Clients need to open the link and actually take a look at the substance in Microsoft Teams. On the off chance that a hyperlink isn't working, utilize the stunts underneath and fix the issue. 1. KEEP MICROSOFT TEAMS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND Did you get a Teams hyperlink on Skype or WhatsApp? At the point when you click on the link, it'll to open in the Teams app. At the point when Teams isn't running in the background, hyperlinks might neglect to open in the app. Open Microsoft Teams on Windo