How To Record Outstanding Videos Using an iPhone


 A skilled photographer probably will take a photograph with a totally costly DSLR digital camera. Right? You're wrong!!!

That is how effective the iPhone’s digital camera is. It become announced recently that Apple’s iPhone was the biggest selling digicam in the world. And their advertisements communicate for themselves. Apple’s iPhone turned into the most important promoting camera inside the global

Apple is promoting its digital camera’s skills and why not with stunning photographs like that? So how suitable is the camera of the iPhone for taking pictures movies? It’s in reality properly. And for this write-up, we’ll take you through the technique of how to shoot precise movies the use of the iPhone.

Why could you want to file films on an iPhone?

If you are starting up as a Vlogger or want to journey the wave of being a Video (Youtube, Vine, Periscope) sensation then taking pictures movies is the way to go for you. In case you are someone who desires to make a quick introductory video on your startup or you are making quick movies. For skilled folks who are on a good finances and can not truly have enough money pricey equipment ought to use the iPhone to shoot films.

I’ll start out with the newbie’s pointers after which take it a step further with advanced recommendations.

The fundamentals

I’ve stated the fundamentals of capturing a video in phrases of lights, landscape and lots greater in my earlier submit on first-class tips to record selfie videos.

In this, i will attention greater on making films out of your iPhone. Those hints can work on nearly all of the cellphone cameras so even if you have Samsung Galaxy S9 part or every other fancy telephone, examine on to study the phone video capturing pointers.

Smooth the Lens earlier then you start capturing 


That is step one and the maximum simple of all of them. Before you begin any shooting paintings, in reality supply your iPhone lens an amazing cleansing because your telephone tends to be in many places that tend to accumulate dust. In case you are one of these geek kinds who want to open your iPhone, here is a geeky video for cleansing your iPhone lens.

The AE/AF  Lock 


Focus is key in exceptional video pictures and prefer all phones, the iPhone attempts to re-attention all the time. Which means there's no consistent consciousness and the camera might start that specialize in a few different object. The satisfactory manner to focus on an object is to apply the AE/AF lock which stands for vehicle publicity/vehicle focus. While you are inside the Video mode and lengthy-press on the particular object you want to cognizance on, a container with a yellow outline seems.

Primary iPhone video capturing device 


To shoot even a respectable high-quality video, a tripod is a ought to. A tripod or a selfie stick gives stability in your iPhone that your arms can by no means supply. A bit of Audio gadget also can be an addition, however ensure you spend money on a simple tripod or monopod first of all.

The front camera at the iPhone is a 720p and the again is a 1080p.

Despite the fact that the the front digicam is right enough for taking Youtube motion pictures, in case you want, you could use the returned digicam to take films because it’s 1080p in the iPhone five. So when you have to take videos where there's no movement, you could set up the camera, use the automobile lock characteristic and sit in the front of the again camera and shoot the videos. Any other option is to attach your iPhone to the tripod and also connect your iPhone through.

Another option is to attach your iPhone to the tripod and additionally join your iPhone via  HDMI cable to a massive tv where together with your peripheral vision you can usually see in case your video is coming our proper or now not. Another manner to apply the returned camera is via sitting in the front of a replicate, in which you could see the display screen of your phone although this can be a cumbersome technique. You want to figure out a manner that you find your self comfortable with.

Shooting outside

Once in a while it’s a demand to shoot videos outdoor. The sun may be too vibrant a light and there won't be the precise coloration all the time to counter the glare from the sun. A easy way to counter the considerable daylight is to create a easy lens hood. Tripod stands come with an iPhone holder that you can get rid of one after the other.

Observe the picture beneath for a reference on the tripod stand. Now to create a lens hood, all you need to do is to stick a piece of paper horizontally on pinnacle this. This may block the sunlight from hitting the lens directly and in turn obtrusive the whole picture.


Extra iPhone video system 

An iPhone is in the end a phone. If you want to get professional together with your movies, then you definately’ll want to improve. But the first-class element approximately the use of an iPhone is the ancillary products which can be created that amplify the revel in of an iPhone. From smartphone instances to lenses and each iPhone consumer should take advantage of this. While you are transitioning from an amateur to a slightly better-trained man or woman, it would be overkill to head directly for the pleasant product in the enterprise.

And also, if you are capable of spend a little bit and get extra bang from your dollar with your present products then it’s advantageous for you. The additional device we'd advocate is an optical zoom lens for the iPhone that would deliver wider attitude and greater zoom-in competencies. The following one we’ll suggest is a mic that can be used to seize the excellent audio.

For the Lens – The Ollo Clip is a popular one.


For the Mic –  I take advantage of Rode Lav Mic+ & could advise the identical for you. Shure MV88 is any other properly alternative.

Constantly Edit on your computer

Even though there are video enhancing apps for the iPhone wherein you may edit your complete video for your phone, you would possibly need to edit at the computer. Editing on the phone is a quick-fix and is not intended for lengthy hours of modifying paintings. It probably takes double or triple the time if you want a nice output. The applications for the laptop are pretty robust and gives you sufficient options to edit a video thoroughly.

In advance I used to use Camtasia for enhancing motion pictures & now I’m transitioning myself to very last cut seasoned X. Mac customers can down load 30 days loose trial of FCPX from reliable Apple website right here.

The way to edit films on iPhone: best apps

If the hardware may be amplified, then so can the software. Apple’s digicam app’s video capabilities are quite rudimentary for a professional videographer. But, like we noted earlier, the Apple surroundings is filled with App developers who construct first-class apps that make the iPhone an unbeatable device. Such a programs is the movie pro.


Movie pro is a $5.99 Video recorder that amplifies the local recorder by using 100x. Some of the satisfactory capabilities, in my opinion, are the;

  1. Taking pictures pics whilst recording
  2. You may manually manage the focal point and publicity (Default in the native App), however additionally the White balance, colour Temperature, and Tint.
  3. Can pick out the resolutions and thing ration before capturing
  4. Capacity to pick out the body rate that may have an effect on the nice notably
  5. Choice to shoot a video for  Vine or Instagram and so on.
  6. Video Stabilisation

Other iPhone applications that upload value on your movies.

1. Movie App – Edit your videos straight from your iPhone for short movies and at the pass post production.

2. Filmic seasoned – similar to the film seasoned, it amplifies the overall performance of the iOS digital camera. It’s around $eight and priced greater than the movie pro app. In a blind target market testing, the Filmic seasoned beat out the $5000 Sony FS100 and tied with the $13,000 Canon C300. This is clearly some thing

3. Efexio – For filmmakers, Effexio gives a bunch of CGI consequences that can be brought in your films. It has results that could deliver your movies an additional measurement. There are dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, zombies, lightning, hearth and more. That is wonderful for simple quick films that require CGI to do a activity.

4. Gravie – It’s a completely easy app, that lets you add text on video. So in case you are making a tune video like Coldplay’s or an instructional video in which you need textual content, all you want to use is Gravie.


5. Video Crop  – now not all portions in a video body are essential and a few may even eliminate the importance of the principle subject count number. This one is useful for getting rid of undesirable quantities of your video frame. I haven’t tested this one, however it seems useful for this series of iPhone video editing apps.

6. Adobe superior clip: best for every blogger who desires to edit the video on the go. [Must have]

I might recommend usually preserve 2-three video modifying apps accessible to your phone, as it'd be useful if you have to quickly add a recording.

Well, for now, in case you observe above given iPhone video shooting hints & use those advocated editing apps, your video could look a lot distinctive & professional than what it is now. What you have to recognize right here is, getting your iPhone equipped for seasoned video capturing isn't tough, all you need to use is the proper set of tools & a clean mindset.

In the imminent days, I will be sharing greater hints on video shooting & enhancing that a blogger can use of their everyday life for developing memorable motion pictures. For now, do share this submit with other iPhone customers which you recognise of.

If you have any other suggestion on how to record an outstanding videos using an iPhone, kindly share with us in the comment below. 

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