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How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide for 2021)

 Can you make money blogging? What are the various ways to make money from blogging? How much can I earn? Can I talk about my life and make money? What should I blog about to make money? If you are asking any of the above questions, well you have come to the right place. In this mega guide to make money from blogging, you will learn all the aspects that will help you get started. These methods are based on my 11 years of professional blogging experience. I have also shared screenshots of payments of a few income streams to give you a wider perspective. If this is your first time here at Aavehypes, I recommend you to read our about page to know what I do (Opens in a new tab). A few years back, blogging was just another hobby that some people did in addition to working full-time jobs. Today, blogging still functions in that way, but a lot has changed. In 2021,  blogging has become a profitable online profession and people at large start a blog to get into this noble profession. Before we

How to Verify PayPal Using Mobile Money Or Bank | Ghana "Worldwide

How to Verify PayPal Using Mobile Money Or Bank | Ghana "Worldwide

Editor's note: "The information below is outdated. Neteller no longer issues Prepaid MasterCard to non-sepa countries. Also, as of 24th July, 2018, cofred does not support skrill money transfer.

Do you have a mobile money wallet? Do you have a bank account? If yes, then you're set to verify your PayPal account no matter where you live.

This is an easy tutorial on how to verify any PayPal account.

What you need is a bank account or a mobile money wallet - it can be MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Airtel Money....just name it!

To verify your PayPal account via mobile money or bank - you have to register accounts for three different payment processors. Registration is free.

First Procedure

Open A Cofred Account.

Cofred is the trading name of Cofred payments, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. It operates like an e-currency exchanger i.e it acts as an intermediary between two different payment processors. Members can deposit and withdraw money using mobile money. Bank deposit and withdrawal is also available.

You'll be given an account number after a successful registration. For your registration to be successful, just provide accurate information especially your phone number.

UPDATE [2016] : Cofred is now issuing debit cards for just GHc15.00. If you're a Ghanaian, go for it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

The card can assume any name, billing address and currency- this implies that you can verify any account or pay for anything online!
Second Procedure

Open A Skrill Account

Skrill is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers.

Skrill allows MTN mobile money withdrawals.

Sign up for Skrill here.

Third Procedure

Open A Neteller account.

Neteller is an e-money service owned and operated by publicly traded British global payment company Paysafe Group Plc. It issues plastic and virtual MasterCards to members. There are no monthly or annual fees. Neteller allows skrill deposit and withdrawals.

Now, after creating your accounts. Deposit money into your Cofred account using Mobile Money or Bank. Withdraw that money into your skrill account. Once your skrill transaction is successful, withdraw the money into your Neteller account.

Neteller issues plastic prepaid MasterCard to members having at least $13 in their accounts. A one time fee! You can also receive a free Virtual PrePaid MasterCard if you have at least $1 in your account. There are no annual or monthly fees. Order for the delivery of your prepaid MasterCard. Please make sure the name and billing address of the MasterCard matches the name and billing address of your PayPal account.

Link the card with your PayPal account. PayPal shall debit your card and ask for the details of the transaction. Log in to Neteller and record the transactions. Use the details to verify your PayPal account.
Your PayPal is now verified. You can at any time withdraw your money into your prepaid MasterCard. And since Neteller allows skrill withdrawal and deposits - you can withdraw the money into your skrill and cash out via MTN mobile money. And for those who prefer Tigo Cash, Airtel Money or Bank - Cofred can help you do that.

The guide ends here. If you found this post useful, please share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.


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